If you’re a heathcare practitioner who’s had to shut down your practice due to COVID 19…

We are offering a FREE Training:

“How to expand your practice from hands-on / in-person, to healing from a distance… so you can continue to serve your clients who need you now more than ever, and keep going financially…”

With Suzanne Scurlock and hosted by Sharon Desjarlais:

Join us Wednesday, April 8th at 1pm Eastern Time

For many of us as practitioners, we think of our hands as our greatest asset.

With our hands, we’re able to sense imbalance, tightness, distress… and deliver life-restoring results for our clients or patients.

Our hands are our currency…

The question is:

How do we maintain that currency… and the value of what we do in these times when we’ve had to shut our doors and step away from our clients?

How do we reach out to those we love and who need us?

I invite you to join us as we explore the rich navigational system of the entire body

Learning how to utilize the radar or sonar that tracks exquisitely what is going on in the person we are concentrating on or thinking about.

OR as I would say it… the person we are holding a healing space for.

Amidst the challenges in our world today… I want you to know that we can listen not just with our hands, as we would if we could actually touch someone…

There is also another way… which is the ability to touch across the miles


By learning how to expand your touch throughout your entire body and grow your presence.

And I’m going to show you how to do just that!

I’m teaming up with my dear friend and colleague Sharon Desjarlais… and we’re going to discuss how to:

Hold an expanded space that allows your client to deepen into, clarify, and more easily and accurately decipher the puzzle of their illness or dis-ease, which allows profound healing to occur… All via the phone, Zoom or Skype!

So you can continue to share your gifts and effectively help your clients, even from a distance.

After successfully doing this type of long distance healing for over 25 years with my own clients… and teaching my unique process to other practitioners as part of my advanced courses…

I’m going to share an overview of my 5-Pillar Formula for long distance healing.

So you can expand your gifts beyond time and space, which will allow you to serve your clients at an even higher level, and move through this storm of uncertainty that is upon us, with more grace and ease.

You’ll learn about the 5-Pillar Formula that lays out step-by-step exactly what to do in order to feel comfortable holding healing sessions with your clients via phone, Zoom or Skype.

The beauty of this special process is that instead of draining your energy, this formula keeps your energy flowing, so that by the end of the session, you’re left with more energy than you started with

As it allows you to tap into the sea of healing energy that surrounds us all and supports all that we do.

I invite you to join us as we unfold this simple, yet profound process for healing that can put you back in the drivers seat of your life, so you can continue to make a positive difference in your world.